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School of Allied Health

Programs found in the School of Allied Health are: Dental Assisting - Levels I and II, Dental Hygiene, Dental Office Administration, Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapy Assistant, Paramedic, Pharmacy Technician, Retail Pharmacy Assistant.

School of Media Studies (Media Studies)

Media Studies includes all programs in Media and Design and in Computer Studies. Events listed here apply to all Media Studies students. See your individual program's organization for program-specific opportunities.

Sport Management Program

The NC difference

Star of Excellence

The Star of Excellence Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievement within the Hospitality, Tourism and Sport Division. The program is designed to encourage both academic excellence and promote involvement in a range of activities.

Student Success Centre

Welcome to Niagara College, where we believe in meeting students’ needs. Our services offered to students include a wide variety of support programs, facilities, and student-centered events.


Niagara College is committed to driving a horizontally and vertically integrated culture of sustainability that goes beyond operations at the college to create living laboratories for student, employee, and community learning.