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Academic Drop-in Sessions

Academic Drop-In sessions through the Library.

Be World Ready (BWR)

The Be World Ready Program at Niagara College prepares you for global success through education, exchange and international experience.

Co-Curricular Record Service (Make YOUR Difference)

Niagara College wants to officially recognize the amazing things that you are doing outside of the classroom!

GAS - Degree Transfer

Welcome, all General Arts & Sciences - Degree Transfer students!

International Student Hub

International Student Hub is a convenient on-line place where both international and domestic students can find more information about volunteer opportunities, events and activities hosted by the International Department.

Leave the Pack Behind - NOTL (LTPB)

Leave The Pack Behind is now established on all 20 universities and all 24 applied arts colleges in Ontario.1 The total potential reach of Leave The Pack Behind is currently just over 599,000 students, representing approximately 155,000 smokers.

Niagara College Toastmasters

Feel the empowerment of being able to speak confidently in any situation.

Peer Mentoring

The Niagara College Peer Mentoring Program helps students have enjoyable and smooth transitions through all stages - entering, during and graduating NC! E-Mentoring /1:1 Peer Mentoring/Graduate Alumni Peer (GAP) Mentoring


The Recruitment and InfoCentre teams work with prospective students and their families year round. Through presentations, workshops and on campus events, we offer individuals the opportunity to explore NC's programs and services.

Respectfully Yours NC

Niagara College’s Respect Campaign raises awareness about courtesy and respect and encourages a welcoming respectful and inclusive environment for all on campus!