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MyCareer Challenge

MyCareer Challenge - Get credit for developing key career building behaviours - both in and out of the classroom. It will help you to keep your eyes on the reason you came to Niagara College in the first place - to get a good job!


ncTakeOff is Niagara College’s hub for entrepreneurship activities, that aims to build NC's innovative, enterprising and challenge-embracing culture across campus, in Niagara and beyond.

New Media Web Design (NMWD)

NMWD prepares professionals who mix artistic flair, software, technical and management skills to create a variety of web-based products. Students are guided to develop their own personal talents and creativity to produce solutions @ industry standards.

Niagara College Student Administrative Council (NCSAC)

The Niagara College Student Administrative Council Inc. aspires to provide healthy and safe activities, facilities, and services while promoting an accessible college environment and contributing to the quality of student life.

Niagara College Toastmasters

Feel the empowerment of being able to speak confidently in any situation.

Niagara Falls Campus (Maid of the Mist Centre)

Join us for events and opportunities at our Niagara Falls campus!


OA@NC is a student association at Niagara College to unite the students of office administrations programs.

Peer Mentoring

The Niagara College Peer Mentoring Program helps students have enjoyable and smooth transitions through all stages - entering, during and graduating NC! E-Mentoring /1:1 Peer Mentoring/Graduate Alumni Peer (GAP) Mentoring

Peer Tutoring

Students helping students! College can be a demanding experience.

Pre-Health Science (College Path)

Welcome, all Pre-Health Science (College Path) students!