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Exercise is Medicine: Niagara College

Promoting physical activity as a disease prevention tool and using strategies to help improve the overall health of our communities

First Generation Students

This organization is dedicated to our First Generation Students! These are students whose parents/ guardians did not attend college or university. Join our organization to stay updated on programs and events created specifically for NC First Gen Students!

First Year Experience (FYE)

Welcome to the FYE Curriculum! Here you will have the opportunity to grow yourself as a better student and professional. Explore this organization page to find out more about how to complete the FYE Curriculum and receive your Final Completion badge!

Game Development (Game Dev)

Game Development Program

GAS - College Exploration NOTL

Welcome NOTL General Arts & Science - College Exploration students.

GAS - Degree Transfer

Welcome, all General Arts & Sciences - Degree Transfer students!

GIS - Geospatial Management (GIS)

Welcome to the GIS - Geospatial Management group. We will strive to keep you informed of events and activities in the Niagara Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Get together with your colleagues, attend conferences, and network.

Graduate Public Relations Certificate (NCPR)

The Graduate Public Relations Certificate Program prepares students for a challenging and rewarding career as communication professionals in a variety of industries and roles.

Hairstyling Techniques and Apprenticeship (Hairstyling)

Hairstyling requires artistic flair, enthusiasm, energy and a strong basis of knowledge in the fundamentals of hair design. This satisfying and rewarding career encourages you to apply your own personal talents, abilities and creativity.


HR@NC is a club for Human Resources students at Niagara College. This student association works to supplement learning with valuable networking and educational experiences that will directly apply to their careers.